blog 1: sharing

hello friends :)

I am gonna start posting some form of writing once a week, I haven’t decided what exactly this is all going to look like but I most importantly just want it to be real and from the heart. This week has been so hectic, from a silent disco to a sold out backyard show to my first Spotify editorial placement!! I’m so proud of where I’m at and so grateful for all the support I’m getting and I think it’s time I start documenting this journey a bit better; both for me and you :)

I might be posting lyrics, poems, affirmations, rants, who knows. I have been thinking a lot about social media and WHY we share the things we do, and that has led me to want to be more authentic in what I share and my motivations for sharing it. It’s easy to get on here and scroll for hours only to end up feeling anxious and alone. this level of worldwide connection can be overwhelming and isolating, so my goal is to be more thoughtful about using social media in a healthy and constructive way. I think ultimately the world IS better when we are connected and sharing.

I started healer because I want to create a safe space for people to exist and share and create and feel loved, and I’m hoping this process will be a step in that direction. 🙂